Production ML – Fairness

Model fairness is about assess how the output of the model can impact different subgroup of the population.


Tensorflow Fairness Indicators

How to measure fairness?

  • Positive/negative rate: examples labeled as positive/negative
    • Ex: in a loan approval classifier
      • Positive = approved loan
      • Negative = declined loan
      • Is the positive rate different between the male vs female population?
  • Establish context for user groups
    • Require domain expert
    • Understand people’s social identity, social structure, and culture system
    • Talk to social scientists, linguists, anthropologists
    • Slice data widely and wisely
      • Race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, income, disability status
  • Evaluate metric across different thresholds
  • Check low margin cases
  • Compare TPR (true positive rate) vs FNR (false negative rate)
    • TPR – predicted true out of all actually true
    • FNR – predicted false out of all actually true
    • Compare TPR across different subgroups
    • Ex: need to ensure same positive rate across gender for qualified loan applicants

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